About Us


Our vision is to see people realize their God given dreams


We want to intentionally equip people, so that they embody our core values as they serve and build the church


Our heart is to have an outward focus, that we reflect the love of Jesus in all that we do and wherever we journey, as followers of Christ

We believe that every area of life can be transformed by the love of God. Our role is to join in with God wherever we are: school; work; home; sports-ground; playground or battleground! God has not only saved us from something (our sin, brokenness and it's eternal consequences), he has also saved us into something (his family, which we call the church) and saved us for something (a new calling to join with him in his work). Our calling is not only to tell people God's message but to embody that message and allow God's words to take on flesh again. We only play a small role but eventually his kingdom will spread to every part of life, just like yeast spreading throughout dough.


We Value

Spirit Life / Prayer / God’s Word / Generosity / Equipping &  Releasing / Fun / Authentic Relationships / Worship




Prayer is an important part of our journey as a church. We believe that prayer changes the world and changes  lives, and that in some profound way God desires our involvement.

Prayer is a mystery, an adventure and a privilege. None of us ever feel like we are professionals in this, but it is exciting, offering our heartfelt pleas, standing together and seeing God move - often in miraculous ways.




Exploring Christianity

To be a Christian means a desire to follow Jesus.

It’s both a moment and a process.

It’s a moment in the sense that it requires intention and will to make the decision to respond to Jesus' love and decide to follow Him.


Pastoral Care & Life

Our hope is that every person who comes along to CCC and is regularly committed, has a solid network of care.

This is one of the reasons that we value regular small groups as pivotal to the health of the church family, as they are often the initiation points for pastoral support.



We believe that giving from the heart is important and in many respects, a gift to God. Whilst there is no obligation to give, we feel that those who consider themselves part of the church would want to support our ministry and this is a great indication of their love for the church and the building of God’s kingdom.





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